Days of Change


March 22, 2015
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It seems that Ted Cruz may announce a run for President shortly. This would put him first among contenders. It also puts a target on him, as liberals have already started blowing their load with┬ástale hit pieces. As much as I’d like to counter by saying Cruz will win, he really won’t.

First, he’s too conservative for the Republican Party establishment. This is important because of reason two. Cruz doesn’t have a real campaign organization. Senators are not good choices for president. Most can’t win a campaign. In Obama’s case, they can’t govern. But Obama had a bunch of star makers and ad execs to create his image. Cruz doesn’t have those people and the GOP won’t help him in that regard.

The other option is that Cruz is angling for Vice President. This is a much better possibility. It’s essentially what Joe Biden did in 2008, running a skeleton campaign and not offending anyone who might pick him as their second. That still leaves the question of who’s Number One?


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