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The Brackets We Can’t Choose

March 21, 2015
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The NCAA brackets are now submitted and most have been less than perfect. The NCAA ranks each college team by quality and location to create 4 groups of 16 teams. This concludes the amount I know about college basketball. There are an untold number of combinations, but only a few million likely ones. Still, “perfect” brackets are nearly unheard of, even across the entire country.

I worry more about what’s happening a year from now. We may have the least “sweet 16” possible of both Republican and Democrat candidates for president in 2016. Many times, one party has a clear leader due to a Vice President having served. In 2008, Dick Cheney never really considered running. This time, Joe Biden is such a loser it will not stop anyone from running for the Democratic nomination.

2016 will be an open field, but sadly one where we can’t set up the contests. Early primary wins will redirect the fire hose of campaign money to the most connected candidates. In a year from now, we will probably see one candidate from each party emerge from the Super Tuesday battle. There’s even a chance we’ll have candidates even before that, making primary voting essentially useless.

Election Day is over 18 months away and it may be only a matter of months before we know which jerk we will have to vote for. Yay Democracy.


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