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March 20, 2015
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There was apparently a minor blow up where a writer for Tucker Carlson’s site “The Daily Caller” quit after having a story critical of Fox News pulled. Mickey Kaus argues that Fox News has abandoned the immigration debate (and likely Obamacare repeal) stories in favor of significant ISIS coverage. This is in contrast to the late 1990’s when the news media ignored AL-Qaeda so they could air more stories about the immigration debate in the Bush administration.

The real issue is actually that Tucker Carlson told Kaus that his story was pulled because Carlson works for Fox and he wasn’t going to attack his employer. That’s sad because Carlson has just implied that Fox enforces a loyalty oath among its contributors. It would be worse that Fox News wanted Tucker Carlson to kill stories than to simply keep the negative story.

I can only assume the real culprit is the journalistic integrity of Carlson himself. The Daily Caller started when he was out of work from MSNBC and didn’t have his Fox gig. The site may simply be a vanity project, full of aggregation, pictures of attractive women and ads to produce a profit. The real media empire for Carlson is his presence on Fox News. If he wants to kill a story, maybe he should just admit it’s because he doesn’t want opinion pieces that make him, and not Fox, look bad.


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