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The Bacon of Religious Ideology

March 16, 2015
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For the last few days, I’ve been limited most of my eating to toast and other bread products. I was also avoiding meats. I finally got a Reuben sandwich from Arby’s today as a St. Patrick’s Day nod and I was thinking about meats.

Arby’s current slogan is “We Have the Meats.” They have a number of different products from a half-dozen different sources. Unlike the generic term “protein” used by foodies now, Arby’s even refers to their Fish Sandwich as “ocean meat.” In some ways, the greatest meat of them all is bacon, otherwise known as the vegetarian killer.

Articles have been written for years about the power of bacon to convert meat-avoiders back to meat eaters. When people ease into vegetarianism, the last meat they eat is probably chicken. Chicken is much less likely to entice someone back since it can be made bland and unpalatable pretty easily. It’s a step away from eating bean curd.

This is the answer for why otherwise sane people are turning to ISIS instead of more socially acceptable religious systems. You can rank religions on a spectrum of how mainstream and permissive they are. Some have few restrictions on personal behavior, others place rules on every aspect of daily life. Older religions had more influence that was eventually blunted by participatory government. The drawback to democratic rule is that the idiots around you run the government. In a theocracy, the rules are written by God, and you would expect Him to be smarter about most things.

I don’t like theocracies because they are ultimately run by people. People running the government are bad enough. Giving them divine authority is madness. At the same time, governments are showing increasing moral cowardice. They won’t propose grand ideas, they don’t trust the resourcefulness of their people and politicians are mainly interested in perpetuating their own existence.

Bacon, like fundamentalism, is honest. Bacon can’t be faked and all vegan bacon sucks ass. Religious fundamentalists put on little artifice. They hate who they hate and they welcome people to join them. If they don’t like you, they don’t coddle you and put you on the dole, they kill you. You don’t have to tell yourself you’re good enough and people like you, you’ll know the truth pretty fast.

The freedom to fail is about honesty. The front line of terrorism is evil, but it is pretty upfront about who should join. Bacon is nothing but goodness. That’s why the terrorists fear bacon.


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