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Talk Show Therapy

March 13, 2015
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There have been several media moments in presidential history. There were the fireside chats where FDR started using the bully pulpit for regular propaganda. In the Kennedy / Nixon presidential race, their debate was the first televised. People watching on TV saw Kennedy as a winner, while radio listeners heard a more presidential Richard Nixon. Imagine if debates weren’t televised that year. Bill Clinton went on MTV and Aresenio Hall. Still, there’s nothing like the Obama era.

When technology made mass media possible, it became more important for leaders to be reflected well by it. In the case of bad leaders, the needed to control the media. Better leaders simply needed to manipulate it. In this country, much of the media are connected to liberals and Democrats. Seriously, key Obama people are related to owners and faces of major media and news operations.

Obama has leveraged his positive media outlets against ones critical of him to create a distorted aura of hope and change in this hopeless and intellectually stagnant administration. When real news gets too bad, he infuses his public image by going on talk shows featuring suck-ups and sympathizers. President Obama showed up on Jimmy Kimmel reading “mean” tweets. Michelle Obama will be on Ellen shaking her ass in one of those idiotic dance parties. They will then get a little boost in public approval, while Hillary Clinton’s approval sinks a little more.

This is why I prefer a Republican in the White House. Even if he is “just as bad,” at least the media will be adversarial enough to actually investigate that administration.


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