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Is Eric Holder Going To Persecute Some More? | March 12, 2015

Much like all law “enforcement” in the US, the prosecutors treat you like you are guilty, then can’t find enough evidence to get you convicted, then find you guilty of something just to justify their existence. In this case, instead of a pleaded down traffic citation, Eric Holder’s Department of Crime was unable to do anything legally to punish Ferguson, MO police for the shooting of a violent criminal.

Instead, the federal government used some numerology to show Black people are arrested more for crimes, regardless of if they commit more crimes. The city and the state have decided to clean house in order to get the feds off their back. Last night, these announcements culminated in the shooting of two police officers.

Unlike what Obama or Holder will tell the American people, the United States has the largest, non-corrupt police force in the world and the most fair justice system. For them, that means fundamentally flawed. For me, it means our justice system has no equal, but there’s always room for improvement, even among the best. That does not happen by convincing people that cops are racist and the justice system will let guilty whites go free for killing innocent Black people.

America voting for Obama twice may not prove that the citizens are not racist, but it sure proves they’re dumb.


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  1. I have been convinced for over six years that Holder is Farrakhan’s boy, and since the start of obama’s first nomination process that he is tie to the same black crime boss. Conspiracy to up b.lacks, destroy whites, and kill Jews? You bet your life.

    Comment by Mary — March 12, 2015 @ 9:28 pm

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