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The Tax Bible Code

March 11, 2015
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The Washington Post “fact checked” Ted Cruz’s claim that the US tax code is longer than The Bible. By fact checked, they tried to lib-splain that though true, there’s no value in comparing the size of tax regulations with that of the Holy Bible. They went on to compare a series of long fictional works with the apparent argument that books are long.

Here’s the problem. The Bible is a book that details the beginning of the earth, stories of faith, the life and death of Christ and also provides a set of commandments which is a basis of every legal system in Western Civilization. It is very much a book telling Christians where they come from and how they should live. The tax code is a series of intersecting and redundant rules about who gets taxed, how much they get taxed, which exceptions exists to counter the aforementioned rules and what the government can do to get money. It is also telling us how we should live. Yet, somehow, it takes more words than the Bible.

A sales tax or “Fair tax” law would be about one page. Pay a sales tax for whatever you buy. That’s it. Being the government, they would probably make that 20 pages, but it would still be well ahead of the current system. The length of the tax code is a measure of bang for the buck. There is more meaning in The Bible. Fiction novels are longer than the tax code because they are entertainment. No one reads the tax code for entertainment. It’s not that the tax code is too long, it’s that the code has no real justification for being that long.


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