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The Hillary Factor | March 10, 2015

The fact that anyone is “ready for Hillary” Clinton in 2016 is an indicator of how badly the Obama coalition has done over the past two administrations. Clinton was given a high-profile job with no real successes to keep her out of the way and make her culpable for the Obama administration’s misdeeds.

Neither Obama or his corporate masters are interested in Hillary because while she is equally bad, she doesn’t share the same goal of a diminished United States on the world stage. His successor is unclear. Elizabeth Warren has a lot of hatred for capitalism, but Joe Biden is a pretty reliable meat puppet.

The Clinton e-mail “scandal” doesn’t exactly blow me away for this reason. Hillary was going to face opposition within her own party, as well as the other one, and it was bound to come sooner or later. The GOP has been investigating for years now and nothing has come of it. Bill Clinton was hit with impeachment and thrived from it. Actions are more important than arguments.


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  1. Hillary’s association with obama’s administration must be leaving a bad taste in the mouths of millions of unaligned voters. This e-mail brouhaha won’t cost her votes, but her support, expressed and tacit, for the most scandal-ridden WH ever–if hammered home by the GOP–will.

    Comment by Mary — March 11, 2015 @ 1:46 am

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