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Kingsman Movie Review | March 8, 2015

Before seeing the movie “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” I read the review from which mentioned that it took on a lot of liberal sacred cows. I had no idea how many. Looking at the movie, I’d say that conservatives will like it, libertarians will love it and liberals will try to ignore it.

The premise is based loosely on a comic book called “The Secret Service” about MI-6 (Britain’s equivalent of the CIA) trying to save the world. Only in this movie, Kingsman is a group of men (and women) with code names out of Arthurian legend, suits of armor and their own version of a sword. Even the villain is a sort of evil sorcerer, putting a spell over the rest of the world. Kingsman does not answer to any government, it only assists them.

I occasionally write about movies and how they fall in the cultural spectrum. Kingsman is massively violent, momentarily raunchy and entirely secular. It’s not a Christian movie, but it is on the right side politically. The villains plan to solve anthropogenic global warming by removing the anthropogeny, i.e. the human population. The heroes were funded by past captains of industry and stress teamwork and personal improvement. There’s even a dig at the downside of free internet that people seem to think came from the FCC last week.

Some liberals have caught on to the subversiveness of this movie. Jason Ward from The Guardian immediately equates conservative views (anti-environmentalism) with sexism and violence. Most of the examples seem to be of Bond films that Kingsman pays homage to, but does not replicate. The sexism in the movie is a matter of degree and doesn’t really exceed any other movie at the theater. Ward was bothered by the scene between the protagonist, Eggsy and a Danish princess. Far worse for me was the seduction scene between Roger Moore and Grace Jones in the Bond film “A View To a Kill” from 30 years ago.

Another complaint is of a scene where a large group of people violently kill each other. Exactly the same plot occurred in ABC’s Agent Carter, but just not shown, only a few weeks ago. It also highlights a harsh reality. If global warming dogma is to be believed, the only way to stop it is to drastically end civilization as we know it by either bringing us back to a level of technology where death was common or killing a whole lot of people so that the rest can live like the First World.

One of my favorite parts of Kingsman is that it takes aim at classism. Liberalism often admonishes society for not propping up those who had rough starts, as if the poor are somehow incapable of self-improvement. The message of Kingsman is to be your best self and not compare yourself to others. Much like Al Gore or Robert Kennedy, who preach reducing the carbon footprint while flying in jets, the elite in Kingsman are protected from the coming apocalypse.

The rest of my review will be in the comments section which will contain massive spoilers. Click here to skip that if you want to comment unspoiled.


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  1. Jason Ward gives away a lot, but doesn’t overtly mention that Barack Obama is the “world’s most famous liberal politician.” And yes, Obama both joined the conspiracy to kill most of the world and his head exploded near the end of the movie, along with the rest of the conspirators.

    Kingsman manages to have two controversial scenes, along with some other questionable bits. The first is the “church scene” where the super-villain’s weapon causes everyone to kill each other, although one person kills most of the rest. What we see in the film is that it is supposed to be akin to the hate group posing as church of the Westboro Baptists. Of course, the church in the movie was about 50 people while Westboro is around a dozen. In the comic book, a group of wedding parties killed each other and an entire town committed mass homicide. This is one of the scenes that libertarians would like better, as the movie does denigrate religion in general.

    The other scene is between Eggsy and Dutch Princess Tilde who is kidnapped by the villain. She asks if he can free her and he asks if he can have a kiss because he’d like to kiss a princess. Where it goes a little off the rails is how it escalates. Eggsy tells her he has to save the world before he can free her and she offers to do more than kiss him if he succeeds. In somewhat unfamiliar English, Tilde says “If you save the world, We can do it in the asshole.” At the end of the movie, Eggsy gets the door unlocked to a pretty nice room with Princess Tilde waiting for him. Much like other Bond movies (A View to a Kill comes to mind) we see a quick shot of a spy camera transmitting the woman’s naked posterior.

    The scene is kind of crude and less funny than the director might have expected, but it isn’t exactly misogynistic. The princess isn’t a wilting flower. She told Valentine (the villain) that he was insane to his face. The movie also has a highly competent henchwoman who bested a Kingsman before losing to another. Another woman beat out all the other male recruits to become the next Kingsman. Plus, Kingsman was beaten for weeks by 50 Shades of Grey, and the woman in that is far less empowered.

    Comment by 1539days — March 8, 2015 @ 3:59 pm

  2. This is the non-spoiler section because I really want people to see this.

    Comment by 1539days — March 8, 2015 @ 3:59 pm

  3. The work sounds like Political Commentary meets the Brothers Grimm.

    btw, if obama is shown negatively, my prediction at his first inauguration about him becoming he most hated man, first, in America, and then, in the rest of the world, is right on schedule.

    Comment by Mary — March 9, 2015 @ 12:49 am

    • The director has said that the person portrayed in the movie is not Obama. However, we only see him from the back of the head, but never speaking. At the same time, it looks an awful lot like the back of Obama’s head.

      Comment by 1539days — March 9, 2015 @ 12:54 am

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