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Mail Time

March 5, 2015
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It is apparently a big story that Hillary Clinton sent some number of job-related e-mails from a private domain where the mail server literally resides inside her house. This might be considered a smoking gun in an investigation of Benghazi and her involvement of a government. The reality is that it doesn’t matter.

I feel bad for Republicans because they still think they can find smoking guns on Democrats. These things don’t exist because the media already has a strategy to let smoking guns cool off enough so that Republicans are accused of bringing up old news when they do find evidence. We know that Clinton was either hiding something or woefully incompetent with regard to Benghazi. Even if we proved it with video tape, some people would never believe it anyway.

We know two important things. This administration has no shame and will find extra-legal ways to do what they want regardless of oversight. The only real stumbling blocks there have been in this era are budgetary. Government “shut downs” work, but they need to be long and they need to hurt. The GOP fears either aspect and the White House knows this. The reality is that it may be bad PR for the Republicans, it is the death of an agenda for Democrats.

You can chase e-mails all you want, but the wife of Slick Willie won’t have anything in them.


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