Days of Change

That Was a Long Post

March 4, 2015

Last night’s post ended up a little longer, and a little more rambling, than I expected. Tonight’s will be shorter.

Remember the 60th vote in the Senate? Basically, Arlen Specter was tired of getting the stink eye when he sided with the Democrats, so he decided to just become one (again). That traitorous action (toward the country, not the GOP) led to all the impunity Obama believes is his. It also seems to have shaken the Republicans to the core. Once again, the leadership lied to its own constituents. They promised that they would leave DHS out of the Cromnibus so they could pass most of the budget without a revolt. Now, they’ve passed a DHS budget with all but a budget for amnesty, which is paid for by fees anyway.

The Republicans don’t have a filibuster-proof majority. Even if they lose 3 seats, they will have a majority. They need to stop letting bloodless politics prevail and start standing by something. Otherwise, the voters will be changing the Republicans to Democrats.


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