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March 2, 2015
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Israel’s leader Benjamin Netanyahu will speak in front of a joint session of Congress in which a large number of Democrats will be absent. The topic will likely be a nuclear Iran and the threat it poses, not only to Israel but to the rest of the world. The White House is not only betting on Netanyahu’s political opponent in Israel, but a deal with Iran that would likely give them the ability to finish a nuclear weapon with few barriers.

Right now, nuclear weapons give countries with no¬†clout automatic legitimacy. As the creepy empire of North Korea continues testing, we are forced to deal with them. A nuclear Iran means that they will also get economic benefits far beyond the cost of their nuclear program, but that isn’t even the worst part.

If Iran is part of the Middle Eastern crazy death cult caliphate, will they simply show their hand and use nukes on their enemies. In the history of the world, we have never fought a “hot” war where both sides had a nuclear weapon. The fight itself could be devastating, with nuclear fallout in multiple locations. Those are the stakes and we have the worst negotiator in American history trying to solve it.


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