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The Age of Gutfeld | February 27, 2015

Yesterday, the story got out that Greg Gutfeld will leave Red Eye to host a weekend show on Fox, presumably taking Huckabee’s place for good. He came to Fox 8 years ago to host a different kind of show in a new kind of time slot. On February 5, 2007 at 2 am Eastern Time, Gutfeld sat at a table in front of a fake brick background and discussed the events of the day with a group of regulars and guests for an hour. The show was entertaining, often hilarious, and combined just the right amount of news and bizarre human interest stories.

Greg Gutfeld became a sort of go-to guy for Fox News. He guest hosted the O’Reilly Factor, Fox and Friends and other shows. Reruns of The Glenn Beck show pushed Red Eye back to 3 am, but the end of Beck’s show led to Greg’s second gig as a co-host of The Five, a show that bore some similarity to Red Eye itself.

Red Eye is also a good performer. Even at 3 am, its ratings are higher than those of evening shows on CNN and the morning show on MSNBC. Fox tried to air reruns of Red Eye on Saturday evening or new episodes on Saturday nights for most of 2013. That show may not translate, but Greg Gutfeld apparently has.

This is sad news for me because while I think Gutfeld is an amazing personality and writer and spokesman for the cause, (I’ve written about him a dozen times) I only really like Red Eye. I don’t watch The Five or O’Reilly. I hope Red Eye continues with a new permanent host. Many fans, however, think this is the end for the show.


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  1. I’m thinking of shows that folded when he star was replaced, e.g Northern Exposure. Time will tell if Red Eye falls into the same category.

    Comment by Mary — February 28, 2015 @ 12:07 am

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