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Anything But Neutral | February 26, 2015

The picture of FCC Chair Tom Wheeler grabbing the hands of the other two Democrats on the panel who voted 3-2 for a set of new Internet regulations told me all I needed to know about their new plans. It was another Obamacare moment, like when Nancy Pelosi and the soon to be fired Democrats paraded with a gigantic novelty gavel.

Net Neutrality is a concept that will most heavily apply to one company’s benefit. Netflix streams movies, something that the Internet was not really designed for, but is accomplished using a lot of bandwidth. It comprises something like 80% of all evening internet traffic. The content is actually pretty sparse, consisting of second run movies and old TV shows. It’s the equivalent of leaving the TV on for some people, except that instead of broadcasting to everyone, it is showing one thing at a time to every single person using it.

For the most part, Netflix has been able to do this with a little bit of increased fees to service providers, usually cable internet. What they really want, however, is net neutrality. That would mean they could use up to 100% of a customer’s bandwidth at any time, for any length of time. Even though ISPs offer plans by the connection speed, they have to pay by the total data. If they are required to allow full data traffic at a certain speed, they may respond by charging for every bit that is used. The FCC could not actually stop that.

To be honest, I don’t care about how businesses are hurt by these regulations. Wall Street threw their support behind Obama and they got what they deserve. However, I doubt that this regulation will stand or that it will save money. Remember when energy providers were required to allow other companies to sell electricity other than the provider? Did electricity bills go down? Remember the Cable Bill of 1992? Did cable bills go down?

The last thing any government will ever do is save you money.


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  1. The last thing any government will ever do is save you money.

    Amen, Brother 15.

    Since its supporters refuse to disclose what it will do, and since obama and Soros and the UN are endorse it, we know it is anti-freedom,anti-capitalism, and anti-American.
    Let’s hope that SCOTUS will strike it down in due time.

    Comment by Mary — February 27, 2015 @ 12:53 am

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