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What the Government Givith | February 24, 2015

There’s still rangling over the DHS budget. This department would handle the de facto amnesty plan the Chief Executive Ordered into existence. It is a miniature version of the upcoming budget fight. The House has to pass a budget for money to be allocated. In the case of DHS, they won’t fund it if the executive order is followed. Congress can override these orders, but most Democrats still do what they’re told at the price of their elected offices.

Republicans tend to be the only party that even tries to cut funding. Democrats find ways around it, usually by throwing a bone to Republicans, like with the Stimulus that wasn’t. When confronted with a budget shutdown, they get meaner than a junkyard dog. Clinton and Obama responded to budget shortfalls from Congress by closing national parks, stopping Social Security checks and laying off workers. They never stopped funding studies about the viscosity of ketchup or the EPA saving some slug.

What this proves is that if you like something you “get” from the government, they can decide to take it way for political gain. If you get less stuff and keep your own money, the government would have to dissolve into a dictatorship to take what belongs to you. People have learned over the years that even money they pay into the system only sort of belongs to you. Social Security payments and deductions have changed multiple times, along with programs like Medicare.

Government freebies aren’t free.


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  1. Government freebies are like wonder drugs: the side effects can be killers.

    Comment by Mary — February 25, 2015 @ 12:14 am

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