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Cold Enough for Al Gore? | February 23, 2015

In my neck of the woods of New York, we are about to reach a record tomorrow. Not only will February 2015 be the coldest February on record, it will be the coldest month in recorded history for this area. The average temperature has been less than 10 degrees F and has not gotten above freezing for an hour all month. The temperature will likely not reach the melting point until the first days of March, if the forecasts hold (they usually don’t).

Now, the first thing global warming apostles say is that global climate change has to do with erratic, and not ever warming weather. If that were the case, however, why is it that every year seems to be the warmest on record, including January of this year. The problem with these mysterious satellite based temperature measurements is that they are so new, they have little baseline. Even in the United States, recorded weather only goes back a couple of centuries. Still, we are hitting new levels of cold and Co2 is somehow to blame.

The next time someone (I’m looking at you, Bill Nye) tells you global warming climate change is about science, tell them they are full of crap. Global warming activism is based on data collection and analysis. Those are valuable tools, but there is little thought involved. Science comes from the Latin word for knowing. In order for this to be science, there must be an actual theory as to how atmospheric elements interact. Hockey stick graphs could be caused by anything from increased solar radiation, to released carbon, to sunspot activity to God putting a lighter under the planet. The proof of theory is the important part of science, something that “scientists” and their mouthpieces often fail to tell the normal people.

I’ll remain a global warming skeptic as I sit in my cold bedroom drinking tea and waiting to see one of these icicles melt again.


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  1. It’s all about third world countries guilting and robbing the US. obama, of course, loves bashing and robbing us, which he’s been doing since day 1 with only Rudy noticing, and that after 6 years. Gore, meanwhile, is raking in the ough from his scam and getting even with the US for not electing him.

    Comment by Mary — February 24, 2015 @ 2:03 am

  2. These same “scientists” can’t even get the next day’s forecast right. Ooops, not going to be sunny today afterall, oops, might snow ? Yeah, those pinheads 😉

    Comment by DeniseVB — February 24, 2015 @ 7:14 am

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