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MSNBC Has Bad Ratings. How Could that Happen? | February 21, 2015

One of the things that was said about Rush Limbaugh was that he got popular during the Clinton administration by pointing out the faults of that president. Naturally, his ratings would go down when Bush came into office. That was not the case and Limbaugh continued to do well. Of course, under Obama, he got free publicity from the fact that supporters as well as Obama himself, could not stand letting go of things a man with no political office said on the radio.

In the mid 2000’s MSNBC tried to actualize the liberal theory about Limbaugh. Keith Olbermann, who seemed to always be demand for sports color commentary, had been hired back from Fox Sports for his old job at MSNBC. He went from a “Special Comment” trashing Bush to shows that were wall to wall with Republican bashing and occasional gushing praise for the Obama administration. For his part, network president Phil Griffin let the Olbermann version of journalism guide the network.

Now that the popularity of Obama has waned and he keeps using presidential powers to bypass Republicans, presidential ass-kissing isn’t bringing in the viewers that it used to. Instead of re-branding or trying to be, you know, journalists, MSNBC has brought in more younger, less credentialed, liberals to Maddow the news. That has now failed. MSNBC is firmly behind CNN and possibly Headline News.

Even liberals find MSNBC to be a joke. Obama gives his face time to explanatory sites like Vox instead of MSNBC. Microsoft bailed years ago and tries to separate itself, using NBC News instead. In fact, I think it’s better for conservatives that the self-parody channel exists.


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  1. Maybe on top of a toppling obma, the intrepid Williams and the network’s failure to fire him put paid to those moronic wannabes.

    Comment by Mary — February 22, 2015 @ 1:31 am

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