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I Love America | February 20, 2015

Ever since “I hope he fails” was uttered by Rush Limbaugh in 2009, Obama supporters (the ones who are left) have taken negative statements, interpreted them in the least meaningful way, and reacted with excessive outrage. In America, we have the right to free speech and the redress of grievances. I guess Obama supporters just don’t love America and the foundations of the Bill of Rights.

Rudolph Giuliani said the other day that he does not believe that Obama loves America, its people, or even understands America the way a lifelong resident does. First of all, Rudy did not say that Obama hates America. Second, he did not say that Obama is a traitor or working against America’s interests, which some people do believe. It’s more like Obama has acted indifferent to America as a unique place. He has said that there is no American exceptionalism and has taken an excessive number of opportunities to take America down a peg.

Unfortunately, Obama has succeeded against Limbaugh’s hopes. People are paying more for insurance, let alone actual health care. The job market and the economy are sluggish at best. Our foreign policy is so bad that we are now becoming a weapons depot for countries who know how to fight terror. Love of America is not the problem. If the CEO of Pepsi doesn’t like soda pop, he could still find ways to make the company more profitable. If Obama loves America, he still sucks at running it. If he really loved America, he should have stepped down by now for a better CEO.


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  1. Giuliani, to his everlasting credit, is the only public figure who as come close to speaking the truth about that sack of crap in the Oval Office. Every day obama and his staffers make inflammatory statements–give the savages jobs so they stop cutting off heads, boring old people cause “extremism,” terrorism being a taboo term–and Giuliani has offered us sane people a bit of redress against the bully.

    Comment by Mary — February 21, 2015 @ 2:19 am

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