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War of The Words | February 19, 2015

The White House is fully engaged in the War on Terror. Unfortunately, they are only at war with the term “terror” especially when “Muslim” or “Islam” precedes it in a sentence. Flunkies are trying to frame Muslim hate as ennui over not having a good paying job or the ability to buy the new iPhone. Barack Obama has lived in Muslim countries before, but like his time in America, it was the privileged part. He brought the attitude of “the slaves look happy from my plantation window” to the rest of the administration. I can tell you right now, the people under ISIS are not worried about getting the new smart phone, they are worried about being dismembered for owning a smart phone.

The logic of terrorism with respect to Islam is untenable. It boils down to the belief that if the Western World doesn’t approve of it, it’s not “real” Islam. If a Muslim does something the Western World accepts, they are the true meaning of Islam. This is straight out of 1984. Big Brother doesn’t do anything bad because anything Big Brother does is no longer deemed bad. This is why moral relativism is immorality. You can’t make your core beliefs a moving target.

We see now that, like the Nazis, ISIS and smaller Islamic terrorists are turning up the heat. They are not just taking territory and killing people, they are using humans for a profit as slaves and attempting to sell their victims’ organs on the Black Market. Do they want a fight? Ideally, they want their enemies to lay down their arms in fear while they overwhelm them. They’re willing to test how far they can go before there is a significant response. Even then, they are prepared for The Fight, the one that is inevitable when they’ve made it impossible for their enemies not to respond. They think they can win that fight. We think we could win that fight, and we’re choosing not to fight it as long as possible.

Who’s prepared?


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  1. obama and his elitist punks are full of crap. Look at a map. They’re not interested in Syria and Jordan as anything but launching pads for attacks on Israel. They are right now drawing a noose around Israel. Meanwhile, obama says Jews are not their targets, just random victims.

    Comment by Mary — February 19, 2015 @ 11:52 pm

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