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Holy War | February 14, 2015

There was a point in the 2008 presidential campaign when Oprah, the queen of talk, decided that she was more aligned with Black advancement than female advancement by supporting Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton. After Obama’s election, he was seen as non-religious in a way that mimics the direction of society. An atheist killed three Muslims neighbors in Chapel Hill and Obama has deemed it a crime of hate. I think we have a good idea which faith Obama sides with.

There is a level of deference one can show toward Muslims while condemning the Muslim nations who condone and support terrorism. George W. Bush did that. During the Iraq War, it was a policy not to blow up mosques, even though they were the most solid structure in some cities. Obama is something altogether. No Muslim terrorist is doing so in the name of Islam. Christian actions from a millennium ago are comparable to Muslim atrocities of last week.

For decades, people have been pointing out the flaws in the Islamic faith and have been attacked, threatened and killed for it. In the Western World, they were outliers who seemingly had an ax to grind. Now the holy war is coming to the rest of the world. Atheists who were ignored by Muslims are now becoming a threat. After calling religious people (Christians) bigots against them for decades, they face the kind of bigotry which leaves them headless corpses.

Terrorists by their nature fight an asymmetrical war. They threaten the stuff other people have because they don’t have the burden of nice things. In the name of caring, much of the world has tried to make warfare more symmetrical by not dropping the nukes that would obliterate them and their families.

Here’s the problem for savages. Despite claims to the contrary, atheists are generally amoral. Even though Christians believe dead people float off to a cloud in the sky, Christian doctors are less likely than non-religious ones to euthanize people for the sake of medical savings. So imagine what happens when real atheists start holding positions of power. They will do the cold calculations that show a clean, weapons based mass murder will solve the problem of religious zealots who don’t shut up and take their abuse. And they think Christians and Jews are bad.


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  1. No politicians or media moguls have the cajones to say what we’re saying: obama is a jihadist partisan. I’ll go further: he giving the world to ISIS and other Islamic Sharia gangsters.

    Of course the leftist fascists will urge mass destruction–like obamcare rationing on steroids.

    Comment by Mary — February 15, 2015 @ 2:04 am

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