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The Evolution of Education | February 12, 2015

Howard Dean went to college a lot. He graduated from medical school in the Bronx (how low-class). He used his Yale college years to major in political science (what a waste). Her served as governor of Vermont for 12 years, originally appointed by default when the previous governor died. He ran for president, had lukewarm grassroots support and failed miserably after screaming in a concession speech.

This week, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker was asked “Are you comfortable with the idea of evolution? Do you believe in it, do you accept it?” That’s actually three questions. That the question was asked, especially after the moderator prefaced it as a Republican-specific question, was intended to be uncomfortable. Believing in evolution implies that it is a matter of faith, which is actually contrary to the idea that it’s settled science. Accepting evolution is closer to reality, but acceptance assumes that the concept is unacceptable.

The question itself is designed to hurt a Republican candidate with their base, but also put them in a position where they have to defend against the prejudice that Republicans don’t understand the world around them. Walker answered by “punting” the question, not answering it because it has nothing to do with politics. However, he came back the next day and issued a statement, which put the lie to that response.

George W. Bush decided early on he would not answer questions about his lifestyle as a young man, including specific questions about drug use. Any answer would lead to more questions and none of the responses would end the issue. The occasional unreliable witness would say Bush did a bunch of blow in the 80’s, but his refusal to play the game meant there was no statement to impeach. It is obvious that evolution policy is not part of governance.

Howard Dean, a staple of MSNBC “news,” wanted to connect an evolution non-answer to the fact that Walker did not graduate college. The graduation issue says a lot about the state of education in this country. Each generation has a higher level of college education, but a lower percentage of college graduate employment. If a college student gets offered a job in the Obama economy, they should take the job. You can always get more college. Besides that, a college degree independent of specialization doesn’t really prepare one for a career. Howard Dean and Barack Obama have undergraduate degrees in political science, but we call one a doctor and one a lawyer because their 4 year degree is unimportant in the scheme of things.

Scott Walker has something we call job experience. He’s been a community organizer, (for the Red Cross) a state legislator, a county executive and a governor. He has more political experience than Dean or Obama did when they ran for president. Anyone can pay tuition, show up to class and get a degree. That’s easy. Getting hired is hard.


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  1. The Dems must be desperate. They can’t dig up any dirt about Walker’s sex life, so they’re trying on a non-issue instead.

    Howard Dean? Yeah, like that foul-tempered, immature poseur of a nobody is really relevant.

    Comment by Mary — February 13, 2015 @ 2:03 am

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