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The World’s Police Academy | February 11, 2015

According to Obama, the US should bring military into Iraq to train local forces into fighting someone called Isil. I don’t know who that is, but we have ISIS to worry about right now. At a certain point, Americans objected to a plan that caused many soldiers to lose their lives with no success. Then the surge brought some lasting success. Death is a part of war. Bush lost the country when he lost focus and followed the Rumsfeld plan until the Republicans lost the 2006 Congressional Elections.

Obama is yet again badly following a version of Bush’s strategy. In this case, it’s a political strategy. The day after the GOP was dethroned, he decided not to stay the course any longer and requested Donald Rumsfeld’s resignation. That quickly led to a military strategy of bringing in enough targeted forces to hold large parts of Iraq. That would require some presence for years to come, something Obama would not accept at the time.

Now, he has decided that we will need to build back up to the point where Bush left off. His foreign libertarian leaning are doing it on the cheap. He wants to send in advisers and trainers, along with some equipment and weapons, to get other countries to put their people at risk. It would be a good idea, except that Obama left many supporters of the US to die by pulling out early. Why trust the US if you can’t rely on them?

Fight or don’t fight. This plan is only to prove he’s doing something when he’s not. Any Americans killed in this exercise will die for almost nothing. Jordan is getting the job done with a population 2% of the size of the US and Obama wants to steal some valor.


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  1. Obama wants to steal some valor.

    That’s only for his (chok)legacy. What he wants is for t he savages to win.

    Comment by Mary — February 11, 2015 @ 11:00 pm

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