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Correction | February 9, 2015

In a trend of exclusively talking to not only friendly, but downright submissive media, President Obama has bestowed his presence on Obama described the site as being for nerds, not surprising given his constant attempts to act like a jock with derisive jokes. Warning: The clip below contains Obama comparing his bad sports ability with the Special Olympics.

Now, Vox was supposed to be run by geniuses to explain complex issues to idiots. The reality is that writers and readers alike are idiots and the site mixes “facts” with opinions expressed as fact. One thing I noticed about the site is that is accepts no comments, instead wanting social media to make their content viral. They also tend to aggregate a good deal of content from other obscure sites without actually calling themselves an aggregater.

The less political site Deadspin collected 46 instances where Vox was wrong, admitted they were wrong and posted some kind of correction. They’ve actually been wrong countless times and have probably made a couple of quick, minor adjustments as well. Of course, this does not take the place of due diligence. In some cases, their corrections are from sources they used that were wrong and not independently researched. One would imagine the same happens, where people reference Vox and lose track of a retroactive correction.

Even though stories on the internet can be corrected, unlike newspaper articles already printed, they have a shorter shelf life. Once the “information” is assimilated, people are unlikely to go back to it. is filled with examples of bad information perpetuated for years. At least in the case of Obama, if they get him wrong, they’d get the facts right.


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  1. Let’s think for a moment about what and Brian Williams have in common. Hmm

    Right, on both counts.

    Comment by Mary — February 10, 2015 @ 12:08 am

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