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Now I Think They’re Screwing With Him | February 5, 2015

There are plenty of dumb lefties out there who would agree with Obama’s remarks at the annual Prayer Breakfast about how any faith has people who do bad things in its name. Since he only mentioned Christians, I assume he was trying to contrast Islam, the most effectively evil religion. In fact, the bad stuff that happened during the Just War known as the Crusades a millennium ago was the most recent example he could come up with for Christianity condoning violence against non-believers. In reality, one only needs to go back 1 day to find one of the largest, most powerful Muslim groups in the world condoning immolation against the enemies of Islam. Obama probably would have cited the violent self-immolation of Tibetan monks if he wasn’t afraid of annoying Hollywood Buddhists.

There’s been a dichotomy in this administration since the beginning between the ass-kissing toadies advising Obama and the puppet masters directing Obama. At this point, the ass-kissers may have wised up and moved on and the only “loyal” people in the White House are the ones telling the emperor he has beautiful clothes when he’s still naked. Obama is certainly stupid enough to say something like this.

In any other administration, a president would have smart people who would look at the draft of that speech and spin it to say something similar but less insulting. Clinton did it all the time by making up “scripture” references to enforce his political goals. Now, however, this bunker White House has people openly hostile to religion, who hate the prayer breakfast and what it did to Obama years ago. The people who should know better are gone and don’t understand the ramifications of gauntlet Obama threw down today.

The worst part for me is that the Republicans still have this unfounded fear of looking bad compared to Barack Obama.


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  1. Mark Levin was on Hannity tonight flaying obama over the speech. He called him narcissistic and stupid, yet neither Levin nor Hannity said what needs to be voiced for the world to hear: obama wants the Muslims to win. He has given the world to them.

    Comment by Mary — February 6, 2015 @ 4:26 am

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