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Undocumented Vaccination | February 3, 2015

The media has selected compulsory vaccination as this week’s news story. Instead of “debating” the topic, I’m going to write about the purpose of bringing up the topic in the first place.

First of all, the anti-vaccination movement is a result of special snowflake syndrome. If the situation were reversed and only the rich and powerful could afford vaccines, the same elitists would get their kids vaccinated. In America today, however, most kids are vaccinated, so these idiots start thinking their kid shouldn’t take the risk of a bad reaction, not in spite of herd immunity, but because the rest of the low-class herd has already been vaccinated.

What the Obama media like Vox tried was to claim anything not specifically allowed by the government to be illegal. If you are a libertarian and believe parents have a right not to vaccinate, you are now labeled as anti-vaccine. However, if you are a libertarian and you believe in consequences, anyone who did not vaccinate their child could be barred from every school and building, like smokers in big cities. That is close to the Chris Christie position.

However, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have made statements about vaccines being “dangerous” and possibly connected to Autism. This is actual advocacy. It legitimizes conspiracy theories that the medical community does not recognize as valid. Of course, the Obama administration is pro-vaccine because they are for state domination of most human decisions. Even so, why the attack on Republicans over vaccination, something more parents do because they want their kids to live?

Ironically, Democrats and the White House are trying to politically vaccinate themselves. Outbreaks of Enterovirus have sprung up in the United States. Plus, other diseases that have common vaccines are popping up as well. The likely cause is illegal Mexican children with spotty vaccination histories coming to the country and released with no questions asked.

The Republicans have the opportunity to use their law and order credentials to demand documentation or re-vaccination, as well as blaming Obama for dead American kids. The White House is now attempting a preventative measure to paint Republicans as 1.) anti-vaccination and 2.) racist because they only want to force Brown people to be vaccinated.

This is an overall problem with the GOP. Every time they think of using an issue to highlight Obama’s incompetence, his rapid response team is already working on a counter measure. By the time the GOP uses it, it’s already been blunted.

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  1. If the Second Coming were to be delayed, the Dems would
    accuse the Repubs of racism. They, of course, are totally innocent of using children’s health care as a political weapon.

    Bottom line: poetic justice will not prevail because the libtards would never send heir spawn to schools attended by unvaccinated illegals.

    Comment by Mary — February 4, 2015 @ 12:31 am

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