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Globally Warmed | February 2, 2015

This is a bad winter for the Northeast and Midwest, the only parts of the country to really get winter. This is reminiscent of childhood winters, when you could actually dig a tunnel in the snow. We’ve had a few aberrations over the last decade. There was the glorious winter a few years ago where I never had to shovel snow, but did it voluntarily exactly three times that season. That year other parts of the country got more snow than usual, which was a major crisis for them.

Before global warming, there was “the greenhouse effect.” I’ll leave out global cooling for this argument. Anyway, the greenhouse was a larger amount of CO2 in the air that trapped heat more than regular air. There’s also CFCs that apparently dissolve upper atmospheric ozone (because lower atmospheric ozone is bad) that forms a layer to protect us from solar radiation.

So, laws were passed to eliminate CFCs from air conditioning and other products. This led to less effective replacements that used more energy and produced more CO2. All the experimental theories led to temperatures going up, so results were fudged to match.

How can I claim global warming is not real? The people who are promoting it have resorted to the more generic “climate change.” In basic terms, this is absurd. Every degree of latitude past the equator leads to more climate variation until you start getting to the poles. Climate changes. Every decade or so, two or three outliers in a row means permanent climate change, except when it doesn’t. I would love to have 10-20 snow-free winters until the End of Days, no pun intended, but I’m lucky to get one per decade.

This is a localized issue. I live way out where I have to stare to see the next house. Climates are warming in NYC, Bejing, Los Angeles and other cities because they are self-contained biospheres of pollution and urban planning. Environment change creates climate change, and I mean the urban environment. THen again, it’s just a theory, kind of like global climate change.


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  1. It’s the Al Gore school of Science and Profit, and, as you say, results were fudged to match.

    In fact, Earth is about 14,000 years overdue for its next ice age. I have every confidence that it has already begun.

    Comment by Mary — February 3, 2015 @ 12:40 am

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