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YouTube, Too? | January 27, 2015

The site Hot Air referenced an article by the lest inane of the three YouTube channel hosts who got the chance to interview Obama at the expense of any mainstream media. Ed Morrissey attempts to turn Hank Green’s commentary into an indictment of media in general. Unfortunately, that glosses over the one-dimensional idiocy involved.

Green starts off with the history of Google and post State of the Union reaction. This was a favorite tool of CNN. In the early years of the Obama administration, video content on the web was less pervasive. CNN made themselves look hip by exploiting the low definition streaming video and e-mailed questions at the time. It may also explain why CNN seemed dismissive of this last round of social networking. They were cut out of it entirely.

Hank Green then goes into his opinion that there is some greater authenticity with internet people talking to the preezy. He talks about how he has a chronic tummy ache, Bethany Mota doesn’t always think she’s pretty and Glozell Green thinks everyone hates her because she’s Black.

The bulk of the article is a diatribe where he attempts to speak for everyone under 30, even though Hank Green is 34. Apparently, the new generation isn’t interested in polarized politics. This is something uninformed people say all the time. Green is interested in health care because he pays those bills, until Obamacare for deadbeats.

Here’s the thing. If you look at the pictures while reading the piece, you see it’s really about bashing Fox News. Hank Green is using a trick that gets pulled out occasionally. He says Fox News is a right leaning network by also saying MSNBC is a liberal leaning network. MSNBC has been though 3-4 different incarnations in its 18 years, while Fox has been consistent from Day 1. Bill O’Reilly is on at the same time every night since 1996. Every news outlet looks conservative compared to MSNBC. They might as well call it the Strawman Network.

Then there’s the tired “median age” argument I see constantly. If you take the total audience, the median age is 68. Of course, the median adult viewer age in general is around 50. Even if the audience is older, however, Fox still beats other news networks in the key demo (25-54). Old people love Fox. Lots of young people love Fox, too.

The liberal presence in social media is another story concocted by the dinosaur media to hide the fact that every new medium (competitive talk radio, competitive cable news, websites, social media) has a large proportion of conservatives. When do they get to interview Obama?


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  1. I’d like to see Hannity + Palin interview el dumbo.

    Comment by Mary — January 28, 2015 @ 1:29 am

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