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Police State of the Union | January 20, 2015

The good news about a Republican Congress is that all the stuff Obama is talking about won’t be passed by them. Of course, the Democrats got the stuff they wanted passed already. If you want to talk education, the Obamacare law had rules in it making the feds the only ones who can offer student loans. They have now become a profit center for the government. From what I understand, the profitability of these loans have made it nearly impossible to get a general forbearance unless you are actually unemployed.

Taxes on the rich are a non-starter. Republicans agreed to raising the top rate last year, but the liberals are never satisfied. Death taxes and capital gains taxes on money that was already taxed are the proof that these people believe all money belongs to the state and they will distribute it as they see fit.

If you don’t like, the government will tap your phone and your computer. That’s the state of disunion.


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  1. Heil obama!

    Comment by Mary — January 21, 2015 @ 12:17 am

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