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The End of Charles Johnson | January 19, 2015

A sort of high-functioning autistic guy named Charles C. “Chuck” Johnson (not to be confused with Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, who has his own issues) was a promising journalism student. He washed out when it came to the actual job because he wanted all sizzle and no steak. Unlike some lazy journalists who make up stories, Chuck started frying up the journalistic equivalent of horse meat.

He rose to infamy a few months ago for “breaking” the identity of the rape victim in the highly sketchy Rolling Stones article. The real story is the lack of integrity of the Rolling Stones writing staff, not the social media history of a woman who is obviously troubled. His activities were tangential to conservative criticism of Rolling Stones and Chuck was turned into a straw man for conservative media. His site has been effectively purged from search engines, even if you type the full address into the search.

This weekend saw him throw down the gauntlet to conservatives. He broke another “story” violating a woman’s privacy. This time it was a mother and military spouse who was famous mostly for her posts on Twitter and Facebook. She apparently had an affair during a Tea Party event last year and Chuck Johnson’s gossip site got hold of it. Revealing personal information about people as a way to destroy them is a favorite tactic of political operatives. As journalism, it is mostly click bait.

Whatever the case, Chuck Johnson’s career at a website it over. I had already mostly forgot about it. By the time American Sniper is out of theaters, that American sniper will have negative page views. The liberals may enjoy such trash, but it’s a one day story. They have their own media that is less sewage laden. Conservatives are a small community, and the ones who were looking at that site will likely block it now. Time to pack up, Chuck.


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  1. Never heard of him, but despise gossip columns, so, Adios, Chuck.

    Comment by Mary — January 20, 2015 @ 12:24 am

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