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All You Need is Love | January 14, 2015

I loathe to use comments from Russel Brand, the guy who looks like a dirtied up homeless man and managed to fool a great number of people into considering him an edgy comedian. I could say the same about Aziz Ansari or any number of other liberals who want to hug it out with terrorist sympathizers. Rupert Murdoch’s condemnation of Muslims who look the other way on terrorism, antisemitism, female genital mutilation, Islamic theocracies, Hamas and mosques who tacitly and actively support the above really drove Fox News haters crazy.

This attitude is not surprising, of course. The shrinking number of White people in America are told more and more often to do something about the deaths of Black people. Now, this is not about the large majority of Black citizens killed by other Black people, but the ones who die in altercations with police, even if they are accidental. Asking African-Americans to look at the problems in their own community either fell on deaf ears or was met with similar condemnations as asking Muslims to self-reflect.

This attempt at respecting other groups has resulting in pandering. It is a sort of “White Man’s Burden” where Enlightened progressives can’t expect the same kind of civility out of lesser people. Therefore, we need to love bomb the worst elements in these groups in the hopes that they will lose their anger and determination. While much of the democracies of the world have lost their will to fight for their beliefs, I doubt such domestication will happen in the Middle East until long after they have conquered Europe with their own technology.


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  1. Your parallels between libfasc attitudes toward blacks and muslims is spot on. The white leftists apparently love to wallow in self-hatred and guilt.

    Cutting to the chase: never send your children to public schools, where they learn this crap..


    Comment by Mary — January 15, 2015 @ 12:22 am

  2. “I loathe to use comments from Russel Brand”. Bless you for that. His first appearance on the Tonight Show cured me of regularly watching Carson, despite a previous connection with Johnnie.

    Comment by 49erDweet — January 15, 2015 @ 11:20 am

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