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Perverted Islam | January 13, 2015

The 20th Century saw the rise of socialist democracies. These are countries that have to at least pretend to serve the will of the population because their leaders are elected. At the same time, the elected officials serve their own interests by buying votes with generous welfare programs.

The effect is that governments stopped being accountable to the other most powerful social force in the world, religions. The Christians of the world who made up these central governments had an ax to grind over the failings in those organizations. The Catholic Church, the Anglican Church and other hierarchical faiths got the worst of it because one man was the spiritual leader and therefore culpable for actions or inaction of the faithful.

Other religions like Buddhism and Islam had different experiences. While Buddhism is popular, it is practiced privately with spiritual guides rather than leaders. Islam, on the other hand, is often interwoven in the lives of its adherents. Rather than religious leaders, the governments themselves (which are not democracies) enforce religious laws. If you are a Muslim on Earth, you are most likely in a place where you are told how to be a Muslim, if not actively forced to be a Muslim.

Last week, I watched comedian Kurt Metzger explain why the terror attacks in France were really about Islam. He, like other people who eschew organized religion, are the only liberals who seem to “get” what’s going on. The liberal argument against “blaming Islam” is that the terrorists killing and destroying in the name of Islam are somehow perverting Islam and do not represent the views of most Muslims. Metzger counters that the ones perverting Islam are the Muslims who drink, have enlightened, moderate views and don’t want to kill or convert non-Muslims are the ones perverting what Islam is. In other words, the Muslims liberals point out as good are the ones who are “bad” Muslims.

Reality tends to bear that point out. Polls show that Muslims support terrorism like Hamas or even Al-Qaeda at much higher rates that most of the West would be comfortable with. Remember the people with barely any clothes on their backs after the Tsunami in Indonesia who still managed to have bin Laden T-shirts? As the Left would say, we need to have a dialogue on Islam. Except in this case, we actually need to talk about what’s going on.


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  1. The only wake-up call the self-righteous pc morons who think we owe the Muslims for imaginary offenses against them might be seeing their nearest and dearest being beheaded by the ragheads.

    Comment by Mary — January 14, 2015 @ 12:50 am

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