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Do Not Use While Sleeping | January 3, 2015

You can get a company to do almost anything if it means either making some money or avoiding paying out a lot of money. The rise in lawsuits over consumer products that worked, but caused injury when used beyond their intended purpose, led to a number of warnings both dictated by the government and added by companies themselves. One of the more famous ones was a hair dryer from Sears with the warning “do not use while sleeping.”

With this idiocy fresh in people’s minds, the language restrictions suggested by colleges in the 1990’s got the totalitarian term “politically correct.” That led to an industry in political incorrectness, including a show with comedian Bill Maher, who ironically turned after drinking a lot of Obama-flavored Kool-Aid. Unfortunately, malcontents are back with a vengeance and something called social media behind them.

I was thinking the culture of (fill in the blank) and trigger warnings and the re-writing of language when I realized something. The over-sensitivity of the current left is the reason why they hate the right. Showing favoritism toward black lives and women who are offended by seeing something or liberals who don’t like archaic terms makes no sense. If they were truly that open-minded, their own idiocy would be apparent. Instead, they are geared up to hate anyone who contradicts them or “triggers” thought.

We’re back in 1984 territory. Progressivism is the old new INGSOC and language is the failing attempt to control the thoughts and reactions of people who think too much in the new order. They only reason many of them haven’t died from their own stupidity is because the label told them not to sleep with the hair dryer on.


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  1. Even now, though, it may not be too late. We can always hope.

    Comment by 49erDweet — January 3, 2015 @ 11:33 pm

  2. “politically correct.”: term was coined by Soviet minor politburo official.
    Not knowing any Klansmen, I will attest that Liberals are the most rigid, bigoted, authoritarian people I’ve ever met.

    Comment by Mary — January 4, 2015 @ 12:06 am

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