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Awareness | December 28, 2014

About 20 years ago, the movie “To Die For” depicted someone who was both very dumb and very driven to become famous. In that era before the Internet was something regular people used, TV was the way to become seen. This movie was an early criticism of the desire for fame and celebrity and how being infamous was the same as being famous.

Now you don’t even have to become the weather girl on a local TV station. Social media lets you become a tiny broadcaster hoping to collect enough followers to satisfy your ego. Even as a follower, you have an identity. This micro-fame has created an awareness industry where tweeting about an issue can raise awareness about it.

Awareness brings to mind a kind of Jungian construct where people just thinking about something makes it more real. It also makes something less real. Awareness is rarely about doing something, because doing things is hard and so many fewer people will go along with that. It’s actually a lot like commerce on the internet. Many dot coms went out of business in the years before people actually wanted to pay for things online. The news business still hasn’t figured it out.

Over the last months we’ve seen protests and social media intending to raise awareness over people who died during encounters with the police. The problem is that everyone is aware of this, but we have different views of why the death occurred. The fastest way to get those same protesters to deny their efforts is to bring up a murder.

Two NYPD officers were murdered by a likely unstable individual, but one whose anti-police screeds were drowned out by identical remarks by others on social media. Cop-hating went viral, yet the patient zeroes want to deny that their actions mutated the virus into lethality. The question is not if social campaigns like this are effective, but what effect is intended. It seems like no one knows.


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  1. what effect is intended. It seems like no one knows.

    Or cares.

    Except the left and their pc toadies, The intention is chaos and destruction, instability, and the tyranny of the minority.

    Comment by Mary — December 28, 2014 @ 11:28 pm

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