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This is Not That Day | December 22, 2014

At some point this week, I will put down my pen of righteous outrage and write about Christmas. It won’t be today, however.

The Obama sniffer site has covered the attempt and failure of Vermont to implement single-payer health care by the state. This is somewhat of a surprise, because the editor of the site has said that this highlights the trouble for liberal ideas. Is it a Christmas miracle?

Go back to the previous paragraph. Vox is not a bunch of liberal idealists. The site is for progressive Obama worshipers who agree with Jonathan Gruber that Americans are stupid and must be lied to affect real change. What’s the enemy of Obamacare? If you said logic, you are correct. However, for political purposes, Democrats upset with Obama are complaining that he should have pushed a single-payer plan instead of Obamacare.

In this light, Vox is doing exactly what I would expect them to do. They want to promote the Obama administration. If you are a liberal who thinks that Obamacare was a bad idea, you are now wrong. Vox has provided proof that single-payer is unaffordable in the United States for some nebulous reasons and that Obamacare is the closest thing.

The reality, of course, is that Obamacare is exploiting the fact that people can’t afford insurance and are not getting health care to prove that it is financially viable. At the same time, the administration is using enrollment numbers to show “more” people are getting health insurance without subtracting the number of people who lost their insurance because of Obamacare. Single-payer is bad. Obamacare isn’t any better.


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  1. Single payer? As Bush, Sr said, just ask a Canadian how good socialized medicine is. I have. It isn’t.

    obamacare is nothing but a scam to enrich insurers while destroying people’s freedom and viola5ing their privacy: Worthy of he ehose name it bears..

    Comment by Mary — December 22, 2014 @ 11:45 pm

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