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Wartime | December 20, 2014

The NYPD predicted that an atmosphere hostile to the police would result in the police being in danger. The murder of two of their number today seems to confirm this. Their union, the PBA, has already issued a statement that this is now a wartime police department and their members have to face the same dangers as when radical groups targeted cops. At the same time, the Mayor of New York City has deemed that the police are potential offenders.

Unlike most of history, the police in a democracy are truly the keepers of peach between citizens. They do not act on the orders of a dictator, but enforce laws that are created by elected legislators. This year, the police have become a target of liberals and race baiters. DeBlasio fears for his actual son and Obama fears for his imaginary son in an amazing illogical fashion. Of the statistically zero people dead after encounters with the police, most were resisting.

In a progressive environment, police need to be retrained to go against instinct and follow rules and procedures designed by the progressives who know better. Eventually, they are re-purposed as more government workers because every citizen will be enough of a criminal to end up in political prison instead of walking the streets or serving their time. Removing the power from police is a key goal for progressives and undermining them in the public’s eye is the first step. I guess casualties are just a side effect.


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  1. obama, Holder, Sharpton–the demonic trinity behind the killing of white police. Bastards!

    Comment by Mary — December 20, 2014 @ 11:48 pm

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