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The Definition of Irony | December 19, 2014

I have to admit I’m kind of interested in the story of “The Interview.” Not the movie, which sounds like a flaming turd, but with the overreaction of both North Korea and the movie studio they tortured over this. Of all the countries in the world, it is the most restrictive and secretive. It has abandoned the term communism, but still calls itself a Democratic People’s Republic. It is probably the most pure example of a totalitarian government, which tries to exist in the present while walling off nearly all of their people from modernity. This is part of why it is called the Hermit Kingdom.

Criticism of North Korea is commonplace, but there is rarely a major motion picture made about killing its leader. The country decided to use its computing power (or my theory of hiring Russian hackers) to break into Sony’s servers and do their version of Bradley Manning or Edward Snowden. Remember, if hacktivism is somehow a valid form of protest, everyone will feel free to do it. In this case, however, North Korea spilled private e-mails and information about employees of a private company.

I began to wonder. How private of a company is Sony Pictures? The biggest waves came from e-mails discussing regular Jeffrey Katzenberg parties where attendance seems mandatory and discussions with the Obama State Department and how much they liked Sony’s movie about killing Kim Jong Un. Sony is very close to being the king of state-controlled business that North Korea is filled with.

In reality, this is not about terror threats or capitalism, but about the power that government has over everyone. North Korea proved that the cozy relationship between a government and business makes that business weak. For media companies, it is a sadly common practice in America. Still, communism isn’t the culprit here. It is totalitarianism.

It’s certainly a better story than The Interview.


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  1. my theory of hiring Russian hackers

    Don’t think the NK dummies are sufficiently techo-literate? Good insight!

    Comment by Mary — December 20, 2014 @ 1:16 am

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