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A Great Day for Communism | December 17, 2014

Communism is a system of government that promises equality for all and ends up distributing misery to most. It starts out as bad as the last days of a dying republic. Communist countries survive by not changing or adapting. They overcome their adversaries in the world stage while firing nary a shot. The same cannot be said for their own internal struggles, where the populations of those countries are often murdered indiscriminately.

North Korea is literally stuck somewhere in the 1950’s culturally. Propaganda is piped into homes daily on radios built so that the sound cannot be turned off. While life sucks in the cities, the agricultural areas are prone to cannibalism due to the lack of food. There won’t be any humanitarian wars fought to save the country however, because they have nukes.

Sony Pictures learned that North Korea has cyber terrorists as well. You can make fun of some things, (White men and Christians) but other groups will fight back. North Korea has used the threat of physical violence to movie goers and the reality of releasing politically damaging e-mails from Sony executives. The lesson is that a huge media conglomerate exists because of the freedom that allows it because one country where cannibalism is common can stop them from making a movie about killing their leader.

Cuba, on the other hand, is a terrible regime that the rest of the world has decided to accept. We are supposedly missing out on some world-class smokes and booze with our singular embargo. Obama has announced that he has returned an American prisoner to the US by giving Cuba a bunch of actual criminals. Not only that, but Obama is attempting a Nixon goes to China moment to restarting diplomatic relations. The reality is that we have to deal with North Korea and China because they have nuclear weapons. Cuba has none. The Cubans in America support the embargo by a huge margin and they should know best.

I guess Obama really does emulate Richard Nixon.


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  1. Earlier this year, a popular olack basketball player visited N Korea and waxed rhapsodic about the latest Kim Il incarnation. A few weeks later, two popular black singers went to Cuba. “Aha,” said I, knowing from personal observation that black studies preaches the glories of Communism, obama and his lovely bride are building a “Red is Beautiful” anti-American putsch.

    And lo, it has come to pass. I believe the correct term is “black conspiracy.”

    Comment by Mary — December 18, 2014 @ 12:59 am

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