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Overton Can’t Fix This Window | December 15, 2014

The Overton Window is a conceptual viewpoint into the state of a society at a point in time. At any time in history, most people will have similar opinions about cultural and political concepts. Twenty years ago, it was understood that people were gay, but seeing them on TV was a novelty and serving in the military was unpopular at best. Now, more than half of the country lives in a state with legal gay weddings and “don’t ask, don’t tell” has been eliminated.

The speed at which certain opinions are accepted and their opposition reviled varies. The entertainment industry, or Hollywood, frequently drives this. Gays tend to congregate in the theater and their advancement was fast tracked. Socialism has been popular for decades, because the blacklisted communists of Hollywood in the 50’s became (anti) heroes. For Black people, the progress has been slower. The Overton I remember most was the maintenance guy on the show “Living Single.” That was 20 years ago. How many shows with 4 Black women do you see on network TV today? You’d have to add up the whole Thursday night on ABC.

Hollywood has also destroyed the concept of personal privacy. Sex tapes, gossip, social media and the barrage of infotainment shows that cater to it have made people famous for being seen in the worst situations. 15 years ago, “reality television” was a concept. Now it’s a genre. Female celebrities got famous and then got naked in movies and publications. Now, it’s the other way around.

Therefore, I am highly amused at the debate over whether anyone should report the massive amount of data stolen from Sony’s servers. They chose to produce another awful looking movie with Seth Rogan and James Franco. This time, they are the team behind a TV show (infotainment, of course) in a movie where they are asked by the government to assassinate Kim Jung Un, the leader of North Korea. In real life, North Korea doesn’t screw around. They hacked into Sony and released some e-mails that were racially insensitive. This is what I mean by Black people not getting much love in Hollywood.

So, I would be more sympathetic to the entertainment industry if they were much into personal liberty. However, they have chosen to use leaks as news. They spend millions of dollars (often from the ad revenue on products America buys) to get billions of dollars spent by Democrats on their pet causes. Right now, the North Koreans are the freedom fighters, but for all the wrong reasons. I’ll stop looking at private Sony e-mails when I stop seeing media execs hosting Obama fundraising dinners and producing hero stories about Bradley Manning.


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  1. For openers, most performers are mental midgets. For closers, ditto. As for their fawning public, ditto!

    Well, guess it’s a good thing they’re stupid herd followers or else they’d have no personalities at all.

    Comment by Mary — December 16, 2014 @ 12:53 am

  2. Most “progressive” performers are that way for public relations purposes, not bc they’re deep thinkers and reasoned anything out.
    Sony’s business ethics and culture most closely resembles those of the amoral members of the emperor’s war department hierarchy during WWII. Lawless and ruthless.

    Comment by 49erDweet — December 16, 2014 @ 3:34 am

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