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Finesse | December 13, 2014

I have to admit that Obama’s sociopathic refusal to do anything different just because he feels he has a right to do it, plus the media’s willingness to let him, has been pretty effective. He responded to the Republican wins in the Senate by passing unpopular regulations that would have lost Democrats more seats.

So I can see why John Boehner yearns for a solution to Obama’s actions that doesn’t involve facing Obama. Even without the budget fight last year, the extended debt ceiling block did nothing to stop Obama. The White House will let the country burn before they lose the new toys they put into law. Sadly, the Candy Crowleys of the world will tell us they’re right to do it.

The problem is that I am highly doubtful of any solution other than a game of budgetary chicken. Will SCOTUS dismantle Obamacare? The odds are that they won’t. They had the chance before and didn’t. Can contrary legislation be passed? The Senate will still have enough Democrats to filibuster. Reversal is just not in the cards.

From my perspective, it seems like the GOP is trying to get their piece of the government pie. This is something Obama will usually go for, expanding government, even if it favors Republican constituencies. It’s the fatal flaw of Republicans who run on conservative values. The leadership still thinks they can finesse wins out of the failures in the recent past. This is not the case. It’s war and it has to be head on.


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  1. It’s war and it has to be head on.

    After this week’s budget surrender, I bitterly admit that the Repub. “leaders” are a bunch of lily-livered wusses who don’t understand that the recent GOP landslide was a mandate to stop obama. Vote-sucking morons!

    Comment by Mary — December 14, 2014 @ 3:05 am

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