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Hatred Without End | December 9, 2014

Dianne Feinstein has never had employment outside of government and as a fourth term Senator, is the oldest living member of that legislative body. To say she is for big government is an understatement. She has risen through the ranks over the years and got her choice committee assignments like everyone else in Congress, by just being there through enough elections to be given them.

Unfortunately for Feinstein, she was only in the majority for a few years in the 1990’s before the Republican sweep of 1994. The assault weapons ban she authored in 1994 quite possibly led to the Democrats losing the majority. As luck would have it, the Senate once again had a Democratic Party majority for six years of the Obama administration, ending this year. She has the office for another 4 years, but little chance of regaining any power.

I have to admit, the news of CIA reports being released by the Democrats in the days they still have the majority pushed aside my knowledge of the Gruber hearings today. It was an effective smoke screen to put out even more offensive content than the admissions by the numbers guy behind Obamacare that the bill was full of lies. It’s also right up Senator Feinstein’s alley, someone who loves government paying for everything and hating it for protecting Americans. What an excellent choice to head the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

While a distraction from Gruber and revenge for losing control of Congress are good reasons for Democrats to cause the deaths of government employees overseas, (Benghazi) I think the real reason is the hatred of George W. Bush. Not only did Bush beat the Democrats in 2000, he made them support the War on Terror because of their own fear of losing elections. Imagine Feinstein’s impotent rage, knowing information that she objected to but having to shut up, not because of national security, but because it would decimate her party by revealing it.

Liberals have been in a perpetual state of butt hurt since 2000, when Bush, despite all evidence, got his brother to rig the election results. That anger grew in 2004 when Bush legitimately won an election by taking a smear job and turning it around on his opponents in the media. Democrats decided to stop trying to win the argument and run entirely on manipulation in 2006 and 2008. Over the last 6 years, they have seen every type of elected office become more Republicans with the exception of the president. They just can win by giving people a choice. So Feinstein followed Gruber’s example and did whatever she wanted to make herself feel powerful.


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  1. And if you think all this stuff about Feinstein is bad, just think–she’s one of my senators. The other one? Boxer. Double libbed!

    Comment by Mary — December 10, 2014 @ 12:43 am

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