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The Ballad of Black Friday

November 28, 2014
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I have been called cheap by people, mostly by my mother. I know a lot about “computers,” (which is a generic description) but I don’t buy new ones for about 5 years a t a time. I bought my first TV for myself last year after buying one for the living room of the house. Actually, I did buy a B&W TV for $20 at the Dollar General once.

I don’t always make the best buying decisions, but I rarely let the stores dictate the timing. I think that the legend of Black Friday is more fiction than fact. The busiest gift buying time is still the days before Christmas, but it’s hard to funnel people into your store at that point, unless you are open into the night on Christmas Eve. It does end up being free advertising. A slow news day after Thanksgiving gave a lot of lazy reporters the idea of talking about crowds on Friday, one of the days people would have off from work and could do some early Christmas shopping.

This shopping day may be enough to put stores “in the black” for the year, but every little bit helps. The free advertising of media stories has concentrated the impact of Black Friday. Plus, stores want to be the first to have their doors busted by shoppers on the weekend, leading to the somewhat unpopular Thanksgiving Day openings.

Even if I don’t participate, I have to wonder about the people mocking these sales and the shoppers who rush to them. Businesses have to stay open and employees have to make a living. People may buy things they don’t need, but they generally buy things they want. That’s a sign of prosperity. Even if Christmas is designated as a gift giving season, it’s nice to have one so that peo


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