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You Are the Resistance | November 25, 2014

The webmaster of the mostly defunct site Hillbuzz used to write that “You Are the Resistance,” quoting a line from a Terminator movie sequel. At a certain point, so much of a certain group has been replaced by the occupying force that everyone left has to take a stand. This has unfortunately had limited success in history.

If you look at the Ferguson riots, you see that there are a lot of bad people surrounded by a lot of hopeless people. A few months ago, most of the protesters arrested were from out-of-town. The looters and robbers around last night were almost entirely local. Most people in Ferguson did not riot, but if they did nothing, it will get worse.

This country is in a state of flux where people assume we will continue more or less the same forever. Liberals do things, conservatives do things and everyone else does their own thing. Everyone should consider, however, what the people who vote and the people elected are doing. Are things really the same or are they worse?

If you don’t want free stuff from the government or if you don’t want the government to tell people how to act, you should be voting. Not voting doesn’t make you non-partisan, if makes you a non-person. The person getting what they want from the government at least has a reason to vote. The rest of us have to realize that “getting government off our backs” is not a slogan, it is something we want from the government. If we want something from government, even if it is nothing, we’d better be prepared to fight for it.

If we don’t fight at the polls, then the fight will come to us in riot form.


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  1. If we don’t fight at the polls, then the fight will come to us in riot form.

    True, but unless the Repubs stop obama from radically transfoming America any further, I can see not riots, but civil war.

    So far as Ferguson goes, it’s a microcosmic version of the conflict between us and them: truth vs. political correctnss. (Bernie Goldberg echoes my point on O’Reilly tonight.) And it’s yet another distraction from obama’s tyranny.

    Comment by Mary — November 26, 2014 @ 1:42 am

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