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In Their Court | November 23, 2014

If there was any lingering doubt that Obama will do whatever the hell he wants, flaunt it, and then dare the other side to stop him, last week’s “executive action” was it.

The ball is in the GOP’s court now. They promised not to block a budget, but then again, Obama promised not to use executive action to change immigration police. Plus, there’s that whole keeping your health care thing. The Republicans have the options they have. They can use them or Obama can be a monarch. He has no better nature to appeal to.


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  1. He has no better nature to appeal to.

    So true. He is a churlish lout.

    I keep hearing on Fox that the Repubs better not do just about anything because any action will have them playing into obama’s
    hands. To hich I say, “Bull.”

    So far as obama’s free PR men, the msm, are concerned, the Repsus are to be damned whether they do or they don’t. But the recent midterms tell us that the citizenry is looking to the GOP to save them from the dictator. If the Repubs heed this mandate, Herr zero has no power over them. All they need is the realization of their power and the cajones to face down that s.o.b. and his media kiss-ups.

    Comment by Mary — November 24, 2014 @ 4:12 am

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