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Adapt and Die

November 21, 2014

If you look at Western civilization, which is the forerunner of all civilization, popular rule and democracy has been a long but steady road over centuries. Self-determination is one of the last steps to human fulfillment, after survival, security and the chance for social advancement. In essence, people got tired of one person telling them what to do.

People crave a voice under a particular set of circumstances. They need to be relatively secure, but face hardships that center on one unreasonable person in power. Add some leadership and you have a revolution on your hands. Those revolutions have often been long and bloody, but the modern world was left with governments where citizens choose the lawmakers and the “leader” can be simply voted out of their position.

The last century or so has seen much of the world in a post-democracy phase. People can choose the ones in charge, but their choices and votes have been influenced more and more by those with a hand in the government coffers. Simple graft, however, is easy to catch. Now, we face the fact that more and more money is going to pay off constituencies and the real profit comes to those who know how to distribute money to interest groups.

America is in pretty good shape. We have a good economy. People have jobs and places to live. The government has been growing its influence over decades and the people have learned to adapt. We accept the fact that our income is taxed before we get our paycheck. Often, what we buy with that paycheck is also taxed and the price of everything has some tax attached to it.

The government is also telling us what kind of insurance to have, what our kids can eat in school, how they can learn math and who gets to walk across the border into the country without consequences. It seems that we plan to adapt to these things as well.

This creeping social engineering, or socialism if you prefer, presents a new crisis where we can choose 1 out of 2 people and both of them will end up in a similar place. American democracy has been resistant to kind of rigged federal system, but the states now have less power than ever. Republicans will run one branch of the federal government and most of the states. One man at the top made it know ahead of time that all of that will have little effect.

While I would like to say that “vote Republican” is the solution, it is a stop-gap measure at best. Lawmakers find that consolidating power just makes things easier. Voters find that consolidated power eases the decision process. “Why vote if both candidates are the same? It’s not like they will take my right to vote away.”

We are at the point where your vote has almost no effect. Turning the other way on immigration will lead to work permits, which will lead to temporary status which will lead to citizenship. There will be a group of people who won’t vote much, but will be on call when the forces of consolidated government need to win an election. When will people stop adapting and revolt?


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