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As Obama Prepares to Cosby the Country

November 20, 2014
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So, the Resider in Chief has decided that he will use “executive action,” whatever that means, to keep Illegal Aliens illegal, but look the other way, like the corrupt executive that he is. The details are relatively unimportant. First, he let in a bunch of illegal children. Next, he wants to make anchor baby parents free from legal action. He can’t technically grant citizenship, so he’s just going to make a mockery of the law instead.

He is guilty of what Bill Cosby is only accused of. Obama will do what he wants, knowing that the ramifications for his actions will be some time from now and much less than the temporary gain he gets now. By the time either the Supreme Court decides on this or the Republicans have any power in the Senate, the action will be implemented. The DNC will also get their influx of contributions, the real goal.

Obama only does anything for money. As bad as celebrities are, they only make $10 million by taking $10 at a time from movie goers. Obama can only see that kind of dough if he redirects trillions from the taxpayers. He changed his mind on gay marriage for campaign money. He blocks the Keystone pipeline for liberal environmentalist money. He needs to get some illegal immigration money (from big business) to have any leverage with the Democrats at this point. That pipeline vote was predetermined, but still pretty damn close. And now, we have illegal people in the country who can’t participate in citizenship, but can’t go home. I give it six months before the Overton Window gets pushed into “citizenship for the invisible people!”


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