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November 19, 2014
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I think this week gives us a good idea what will happen next year with a Democrat for a president, a majority in the House and Senate Majority Minority Leader Harry Reid in charge filibustering.

First, there was the 59-41 vote on the Keystone pipeline. Unlike what the media tells you, they were never “one vote” short of passing. The Democrats decided which 14 Democrats needed to vote for the pipeline most to keep their seats in the future, with Landrieu at the top of the list. There was never even the possibility of a 15th Democrat. If things go as expected and Landrieu loses her race and Angus King doesn’t switch sides, the Republicans will have 54 seats. I bet that 8 of the 13 Democrats left in the pro-pipeline category will suddenly have a change of heart, keeping the number at 59.

Plus, Obama will be giving another historic speech where he will either threaten or perform executive edicts which will make crossing the border from Mexico about as legal as smoking marijuana at your gay wedding. Executive Orders cannot be struck down without contrary legislation, which won’t avoid veto, or through a court decision, which SCOTUS is loath to consider.

No affirmative legislation can make it to law when you have a Senate that can be filibustered and a president who will never be overridden. The only power the Republicans have is in the budgeting process. It is why the Democrats, liberals, progressives and media will scream loudest and most angrily about this tactic. Republicans will take damage. Their stock will drop in the polls. It is the expected outcome of unrelenting public attack. The Republicans already folded. I can only offer that once the impotent rage has been expressed, the negotiations will begin. And if foreign policy is any indication, the administration is terrible at negotiations.

So again, we are in the same place. The GOP can fight for real change or beg for spare change. Or they can wait for two years and use the worsening of America to get their guy in the White House. Sadly, I see the latter as their Plan A.


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