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Progressive as F*** | November 17, 2014

So, to understand what Jonathan Gruber did, you have to understand the progressive mindset. Let’s look at one of Obamacare’s cheerleaders, Ethan “Pajama Boy” Krupp.

Krupp was featured in a number of embarrassing Obamacare ads for the OFA. After being identified in the much-mocked pajama meme, The Daily Caller discovered that he was a toxic warrior, or as he described it, “a liberal f***.” He describes the type as someone who is political, has a bunch of facts at his disposal, and argues to win while making the other person feel bad about themselves. I ran into this about a decade ago on, not surprisingly, a non-political chat room. He never wanted to impart knowledge, only throw in a factoid when I made an error. So, essentially it is hoarding information as if it were a commodity.

This is important, because Gruber knew all kinds of thing about what would happen given a set of circumstances. He knew what things would go “wrong” when the House passed the Senate bill with no changes. He also knew that hoarding this information was important. But like all megalomaniacs, he had to prove to his peers how much he was packing when he called the American people idiots.

The Krupps of the Progressive movement are the Tokyo Roses in this war of ideas. Last week, Fox Business host Melissa Francis told the story of being dragged in front of her bosses 4 years ago when she was at CNBC and questioned administration people and Obamacare supporters how adding people to the health care system could reduce costs. Apparently, she was showing disrespect to the office of the president, which was all clean and new now that Bush was gone.

The important part is the response of CNBC. Some spokesperson was actually allowed to say that her statement was not only laughable, but that NBC was looking for good comedy writers and actresses. This was likely a reference to Francis’ history as a child actor, ignoring her Harvard degree in Economics. One thing it was not, however, was a denial of what happened.

What a bunch of liberal f***s.


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  1. Ridiculing the opposition is Alinsky’s first rule for radicals.

    I HATE LIBERALS. They’re all liberal f***s.

    Comment by Mary — November 18, 2014 @ 12:57 am

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