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The Nixon Question

November 16, 2014
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What did he know and when did he know it?

“The Emperor Has No Clothes” has been used as a metaphor since the beginning of the Obama administration. Obama says things that are complete crap, Congress passes laws that won’t work and the media accepts everything at face value, because many of the top media people are the family of top Democratic advisors.

Jonathan Gruber is not the boy who called out the nakedness of Obamacare, he’s the tailor who ripped off the Emperor (to the tune of about $5 million). Just to torture the metaphor a little more, the Democrats are trying to put the clothes back on the Emperor by claiming we all saw his business the whole time.

Here’s the problem. People like Gruber has his money. He’ll continue to be paid by Democrats who are already invested in Obamacare. He could also work for other governments trying to make socialized medicine work, even if it doesn’t. What happens to the politicians involved is another matter. New York’s┬áSenator Gillibrand tried to use the junk insurance lie again to defend Gruber. She also fell into the trap of saying Obama should not have promised “you can keep your plan” as if it were a typo. I hope there’s no tape of her making the same claim in a town hall to a questioner.

Obama did not make that statement in a vacuum, however. This “period” statement with no qualifiers was needed to shore up support for the ACA before the vote. If he had not said this, people would be nervous and his detractors would have leverage. Obama’s skin in the game was lying for the sake of passing the law.

If you are on an Obamacare exchange, your options are Medicaid, where the government picks up the tab by pushing the cost onto the state, or a plan where you have to spend $15,000 in premiums and co-pays until your medical costs are significantly covered. That number is going up by about 10% this year under the same plan. Obamacare “covers” screenings and exams and astronomical medical bills. However, if you just get sick or hurt, you’ll be paying thousands of dollars.

Whoever knows enough of that picture (and would have if they read anything but talking points) and supported Obamacare is in big political trouble. The supposedly toxic act of Republicans “shutting down” the government was erased by a month of trouble signing up for Obamacare. Imagine what they could do to the president when people see this year’s bill.



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