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Would I Lie to You?

November 14, 2014
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Rep. Joe Wilson, who is still serving in the House of Representatives, is experiencing a revival for calling out “you lie” during a State of the Union address where President Obama made claims about the ACA which are less and less tied to reality every day. Jonathan Gruber, the man who made up the fake numbers to make Obamacare “revenue neutral,” on the other hand, is shown on video committing a number of Kinsley Gaffes. This is where you make a political mistake by telling the truth.

Gruber is basically incapable of talking to people with differing opinions. When confronted (in video number 6) with a comment by someone who was concerned about increasing medical costs, he asked if it was written by one of his children. Not surprisingly, he chose MSNBC to address his remarks. He claimed that he “spoke inappropriately.” Whore Host Ronan Farrow helped out by calling what was done in the ACA bill “nuanced” in the way it made up numbers and was missing things that are now being implemented as if they were law. Gruber, in fact, never said he was sorry or even that he lied about his remarks. His excuse was that he was in an academic conference (in video 1) as if stupid people are not allowed to see such awesome intellectual majesty for fear they would not understand.

There are land mines coming in Obamacare over the next decade. The best solution for now is if the Supreme Court uses these falsehoods and the missing language from the ACA to start striking it down. Hopefully, Roberts isn’t as cowed by the administration now that it is in free fall.


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