Days of Change

Obamacare is Sick

November 12, 2014

The administration’s new nightmare is┬áJonathon Gruber, one of the architects of Obamacare. Among the many holes in the law, Gruber now claims that the law is filled with outright lies that were created to game the CBO scoring, something that I and most conservatives pointed out almost immediately.

The fact that Obamacare is full of lies, is worse than the old system, was passed through nefarious means and can’t pay for itself are known quantities. What is unknown is the reaction of the Supreme Court. John Roberts decided not to cut the heart out of Obamacare because the legislation was passed by a lopsided Democratic majority voted for by the public. Now that the Republicans could have as many as 55 Senate seats next year and an even higher percentage in the House, the will of the people is decidedly different.

I think it is time for the Judicial system to be judicious and evaluate the parts of the law that are clearly being rewritten by illegal executive fiat. The conservative majority in the Court is no longer a minority in D.C. I hope they release us from the obligations of disturbingly effective marketing campaign from 6 years ago.


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